Visualization Activity Using the Data Viz Community Dataset

For our homework, we are given the DataViz Society data set to create at least 3 visualizations. The data is a survey that has 50+ questions about the latest challenge people in the data visualization world are experiencing. The survey was taken by 1,700 respondents and they were asked about series of questions about themselves and their data visualization journey.

To represent the data that I hand-picked from the dataset, I used my good ol’ trusty friend Excel. Some of the charts and graphs I used for my presentation are Pie chart, Bar chart and Radar chart.

Before I get into my charts. I just want to share my experience when we were already doing our presentation. I’d say at first, I was so nervous to share my work since the first few of my classmates presented really well and their works are way more advanced than mine. Making graphs and charts isn’t my daily thing or it is not really a part of my job but this class had made me realize how cool data visualization is. I honestly just discovered the real power there is in excel and other tools.

A simple pie chart to represent the gender distribution

Pie charts are generally used to show percentage or proportional data I decided to use the pie chart to represent the gender distribution. As we can see, from the respondent’s pool, there are more male than any other gender identity combined.

A bar chart to show experience based on gender

We’ve learned, as we noted from the previous table, that there are more men from the respondent pool. We may express in the bar graph above that the scale of years of experience is proportional to the gender breakdowns. The years of experience are of all gender identities are seem comparable to one another even though there are more men than all other gender identity combined.

Radar chart shows which area in an organization is data visualization commonly used.

For the 3rd illustration, I used a Radar chart. Radar charts (also known as spider charts, polar charts, web charts, or star plots). This chart can be used for multivariate data to be visualized. They are used to plot variables to map one or more groups of values. For visualizing comparisons of quality data, radar charts are particularly strong. — of the many attributes can easily be contrasted along its own axis, and the size and shape of the polygons show general differences. I was curious how data visualization is commonly used in an organization. As we can see above, Data visualization is commonly used mostly in Data Science and Analytics compared to any other field.

My work is pretty basic and I was actually shy to share. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement. I also know that we all have to start somewhere anyway. I have huge respect for those who are skilled in data visualization. I’d say through this experience, I gained more appreciation in this field. I’ve learned so much from all of the presenters and as they were presenting before me, I’ve seen a lot of things that I can improve on with and I learned things that I can apply in the next presentation that we will have.

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