What does it take to become a data scientist? + Things to consider to be one.

An article published by Harvard Business Review

Data Scientist has been coined as the sexiest job of the 21st Century according to Thomas Davenport and D.J Patil in an article published by Harvard business review. It is ever clear that data and the internet dominate the entire world nowadays in whatever field may be. The key factor of a company’s success now is associated with Big data, A.I technologies and machine learning. With that said, a big demand for data scientists is needed in this day and age.


How does Data Visualization act as an aid for Companies and Businesses?

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From dictionary.com, The term Frontliner was used in the late 1800s to refer to soldiers fighting on the frontline of combat, experiencing the most immediate, intense action with the enemy. The term was metaphorically extended to people positioned at other forefronts of an enterprise — that is, at the most important or prominent position.

This word has been widely used since the Covid pandemic. Frontliners for me are heroes, going their way to help people in need. Here, I want to help you see how data…

The beauty of using Tableau in the eyes of a first time user

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Last week, I have been introduced to a new visualization tool that is yet again, new to me. The tool is called Tableau.

Tableau is a data analysis application used in the business intelligence industry that is both effective and rapidly growing. It aids in the simplification of raw data into a format that is simple to comprehend. Tableau assists in the creation of data that is understandable for experts at all levels of an enterprise.


Sweet and simple. Two words describe perfectly my impression…

For our homework, we are given the DataViz Society data set to create at least 3 visualizations. The data is a survey that has 50+ questions about the latest challenge people in the data visualization world are experiencing. The survey was taken by 1,700 respondents and they were asked about series of questions about themselves and their data visualization journey.

To represent the data that I hand-picked from the dataset, I used my good ol’ trusty friend Excel. Some of the charts and graphs I used for my presentation are Pie chart, Bar chart and Radar chart.

Before I get…

My first step into the Dataviz world

First chart activity from my data visualization class.

Hi! I just want to share my first activity from our data visualization class.

We had our first meeting on Sunday, 7 February 2021. Our professor asked us to make a chart on how to spend our week using any kind of visualization tool. I had ideas on what I want to do but since I just set my foot in this journey, I don’t have much idea on how to start or what tool to use.

I tried searching for some applications or tools in the web that I could use but…


Hi! My friends call me Zhammy. I'm living a nocturnal life on weekdays and striving to be normal on weekends. I recently just started my Data Science journey!

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